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Lease Abstraction

Getting your data summarized at low cost is one thing but ensuring that the data was accurate is another. We trust that you are making the right choice for yourself - Cost vs Quality!

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But why focus so much on abstraction when you have carefully drafted the lease agreement?

You might be probably using some system: Property Management or Excel sheet in which you cannot input each and every line of Lease agreement. So, you would like to have abstracted/summarized data.

Based on this abstracted data, you are/might be pulling out fancy reports which the Company Management, Leasing Department, Finance & Accounting Team will be using to make important decisions. So, if you are concerned of making a right decision then it is important to have correct and accurate lease abstraction.

How will Mavericks ensure the accuracy? What makes Mavericks different from others?

You might have already heard of fancy terms like ‘Lease Abstraction Engine’, ‘Six Sigma process’, and other which our companies are using but in the background they rely on their human resources to deliver accurate data - which they are not able to do so. What is the whole point if even after having strong processes the data was not accurate.

To ensure accuracy of data we take the following steps:
- Your data is much more importance to us because it is our bread and butter.
- You might be paying heavily to your Attorney while carefully Pdrafting your lease agreement then why be miser when getting the same data abstracted - based on which you take critical business decisions. Incorrect/Incomplete data will directly affect your decisions - no matter how brilliant they may be.
- There are many service providers currently in the market who will provide you lease abstraction at prices even lower than us. Feel free to get in touch with them. If you require we will even help you provide their contact details.

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